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The company Pearl Chauffeur is based in Melbourne, Australia. In Australia, the business offers paid direct or indirect passenger transport services at any hour of the day.

By using any of the available means of communication, such as phone, email, or online via our website contact form, PEARL CHAUFFEUR offers and provides the service and makes a request for booking of the vehicle on behalf of the customer to a third-party company, and these general terms constitute the contract.

The customer acknowledges and agrees to these general terms and conditions by utilizing our services.


We offer rental cars with private drivers, shuttle buses to and from airports and train stations, and delivery services all around Australia.


All the offered vehicles fall under the categories of luxury cars, luxury minibuses, and buses.
Your Driving Services are available only with an immediate reservation or in advance and are available every day, 24 hours a day.

2A) Immediate order

In the event of an urgent order, YOUR CHAUFFEUR SERVICES cannot guarantee a vehicle will be available.
** The customer must provide all relevant information regarding the journey, including the beginning point, intermediate locations, and end destination, as well as the names and surnames of the passengers, the number of passengers, and any appropriate luggage information.

Following acceptance of the order, the business looks for vehicles in the specified field that are still available. If a vehicle is available, the firm notifies the client of the estimated wait time until the car arrives at the specified departure location and the order’s price. ** If an immediate order is confirmed, cancelling it will result in a 100% fee.

2B) Payment in advance

Before the trip’s start date and time, the customer can place an order for a car from the company. The customer specifies the date, time, and location of the departure, any potential intermediate stops, the ultimate destination, and any further special instructions (planned to wait time, additional venue indication, etc.). They also provide the full names of the passengers. The firm maintains the right to reject further advances based on the number of orders already registered on the specified day and time. As soon as the money is received, the company registers the order and confirms the reservation or, if applicable, provides explicit email communication between YOUR CHAUFFEUR SERVICES and the customer confirming such payment.

2C) Order from the airport

When placing an order, the customer must specify the airport, the day of departure, and the aircraft number. Though not required, it is acceptable to include details on the estimated landing time and the arrival terminal, which may vary based on the flight’s specifics and the airport’s requirements. The company’s responsibility policy does not apply to erroneous flight-related information given by the airport information service or fraudulent information provided by the customer (such as an incomplete flight number or a date inaccuracy).

2D) Phone booking: Calling service is available 24 hours a day; calling our numbers 0434 372 256

2E) Customers can order online through the websites www.pearlchauffeurcarmelbourne.com.au


Customers may change or cancel their order by phone or email to the following address: jag@pearlchauffeurcarmelbourne.com.au

Any reservation cancellation:

No charges if cancelled before 24 hours of a service
24 hrs to 60 minutes before service: 50% of the total amount paid
Less than 60 minutes before service: the total cost incurred.
The beneficiary will get a full refund of the money paid if the firm cannot carry out a contract order. There will be no recourse and reimbursement for any losses incurred.

Your CHAUFFEUR SERVICES cannot be held responsible for failure to perform or delay this service in the event of force majeure or another external incident beyond our control during the service.

According to PEARL CHAUFFEUR, it is considered an external, unforeseen occurrence (difficult traffic circumstances, strikes of all types, weather conditions, accidents, detours, and numerous events).


Payment for PEARL CHAUFFEUR’s services, and specific payment for the order, are performed using a secure electronic bank card payment system created by PayPal And Stripe Payments, which permits secure transactions following the most recent banking security norms. The system ensures that none of the customer’s private information is used by a third party.

The customer unconditionally agrees that your CHAUFFEUR SERVICES can continue with the secure transaction by providing the financial information. Consequently, the customer gives his bank permission to carry out the transaction based on the information the business supplies.


Customized Luxury Chauffeur Car Services

Pearl Chauffeur Cars Melbourne takes pride in providing you with 5-star chauffeur car services on professional modern luxury cars throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.